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Detailing center ART Detailing Phuket

During the operation of the vehicle, its paintwork gradually deteriorates. The reason most often is small pebbles flying out from under the wheels of oncoming cars, birds, insects, branches, etc. Chemical reagents that treat roads in the winter also cause considerable harm. There is an effective way to protect the paintwork of your car - to seek help from the professionals of the ART Detailing Phuket detailing center. We have been providing car detailing services in Phuket for several years. We have specialists with extensive experience in the field of car tuning, maintenance, pasting the body with a protective film, etc.

Protection of the paintwork is provided by pasting the car body with a special anti-gravel film made of vinyl or polyurethane. The procedure is carried out as accurately as possible and in compliance with all the manufacturer's recommendations - so the new film will be perfectly even. Our detailing center in Phuket will help keep your car's paintwork in its original form for a long time.

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    Benefits of ART Detailing Phuket

    Quality materials

    Experienced professionals

    Guaranteed work from 3 years

    Wide range of services

    Why you should contact us

    We have been providing car detailing services in Phuket for several years. We have specialists with extensive experience in the field of car tuning, maintenance, pasting the body with a protective film, etc.

    Here are the main benefits of contacting us:

    • we provide a guarantee for all types of work for a period of 3 years or more;
    • we produce pasting of the body using professional equipment and high-quality materials;
    • we can offer films from different manufacturers – we will tell you in detail about their features, pros and cons;
    • We offer very affordable prices for all services.

    If you need body protection, please contact our detailing studio. We guarantee high quality work.

    Detailing is a complex of professional services for comprehensive cleaning and restoration of your car. In our center in Thailand you can get a wide range of services, including:

    • Salon dry cleaning – we will quickly and efficiently clean your car from dust, dirt and other contaminants, using only high-quality products
    • body polishing – your car will become shiny and protected from external influences
    • Removing scratches and scuffs - we will restore your car to its original appearance
    • Application of protective films and ceramic coatings – we will increase the life of your car and save you time on washing

    Our detailing center in Phuket works only with the best materials from the best manufacturers. We provide only high quality services and guaranteed results. Our masters have extensive experience and are regularly certified, which allows us to be one step ahead of our competitors.

    If you want your car to always look perfect, then our detailing center is your choice! We take care of your car as if it were our own.

    Car detailing: why and how is it done?

    What is detailing?

    Detailing is an intensive process of car cleaning using special tools and materials. As a result of detailing work, the car acquires a more attractive appearance and is protected from adverse external influences.

    Why is detailing necessary?

    Our detailing center in Thailand offers services that will help improve the appearance of the car and increase its service life. Regular car detailing will avoid the accumulation of dirt, dust, corrosive substances on the surface of the body, interior and disks. The absence of such contaminants provides more effective protection of the car surface from corrosion and other types of damage.

    How is the detailing process in the car services center?

    Detailing at the ART Detailing Phuket car services center includes several stages. First, the car is washed and dirt is removed from the surface. Then comes the polishing of the body and wheels. An important step is the treatment of the interior with special means, the removal of dust from carpets and roofs. If necessary, scratches and scuffs from the body are removed. At the end, the surface of the machine is applied with a protective coating that will keep the detailing results for a long period.


    The detailing center is a place where you can get a professional service to improve the appearance and increase the life of your car. Detailing is a necessary procedure to effectively protect the surface from premature weathering, corrosion and various damages. At your disposal are competent specialists who use modern materials and tools that will allow you to bring your car to perfect condition.

    Our studio in Thailand specializes in car customization and detailing, offering a wide range of services to improve the appearance and performance of cars. We are located on the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand and we are ready to make your car truly unique.

    Our professional craftsmen know all the secrets of customization and detailing. They are ready to offer you a wide range of services, including full customization of the exterior and interior, as well as improving the technical characteristics of the car.

    Our car tuning studio provides an opportunity to order a detailing complex, including polishing the body, removing scratches and abrasions, as well as a protective coating for long-term preservation of the perfect condition of the car surface.

    Suspension modification, sports exhaust installation, selection and installation of tuning parts such as trims and body kits - all this is available in our studio in Thailand. We can significantly improve the performance of your car, making it more powerful and dynamic.

    Trust your car to professionals and enjoy stylish and individual customization. We guarantee high quality work and excellent results. We have an impressive selection of customization and detailing services at affordable prices.

    Car customization and improvement: tuning studio in Phuket

    Do you want to improve your car? Our tuning studio in Phuket Thailand offers professional car customization and modification services. We know that every car enthusiast wants to stand out from the crowd and create a unique look for their car.

    In our studio, we offer a wide range of services for tuning and improving the appearance of your car. Our team of experienced craftsmen knows all about tuning parts and can help you find the most suitable upgrades for your car.

    What do we offer:

    • Tuning parts: installation of fittings, spoilers, deflectors, etc.
    • Exterior customization: body painting, decals, vinyl decals, etc.
    • Performance improvement: chip tuning, installation of exhaust systems, filters, etc.
    • Car detailing: polishing the body, cleaning the interior, removing scratches, etc.

    Here you can order customization and modification of a car of any make and model. We work only with high-quality tuning parts and guarantee high quality work. The cost of services depends on the selected improvements and the type of car.

    Trust your car to professionals! Order customization and improvement of your car in our tuning studio in Thailand today!

    Car tuning studio - high-quality improvement of your car

    Do you want to turn your ordinary car into a unique vehicle? Here you can order the services of a car tuning studio specializing in customization and modification of cars.

    Car improvement and customization

    • We offer a variety of upgrades and modifications to help your car stand out from the crowd.
    • Our experienced craftsmen guarantee the quality of all work and use only the best materials and equipment.
    • The cost of customization depends on the complexity of the work and the selected parts, however, we constantly strive to provide affordable prices.
    • Question answer:

      What is detailing?

      Detailing is a comprehensive procedure for cleaning and restoring the appearance of a car, including washing, polishing, applying a protective coating, restoring the body and interior.

      Why do you need to do detailing?

      Detailing helps to preserve the appearance of the car, protect it from atmospheric influences and increase its service life. In addition, a clean and shiny car looks more attractive and enhances driving pleasure.

      How often should detailing be done?

      The frequency of detailing depends on the operating conditions of the car. If the car is driven in dirty and dusty conditions, then more frequent detailing is required than if it is used in a clean city mode. On average, it is recommended to carry out detailing 1-2 times a year.

      What is included in the detailing process?

      The detailing process includes washing, cleaning discs, polishing the body, applying a protective coating, cleaning and restoring the interior, cleaning windows and mirrors, processing rubber elements and soundproofing.

      How to choose a detailing provider?

      When choosing a detailing provider, you should pay attention to work experience, reputation, availability of professional equipment, quality of materials used and prices for services. It is also worth reading the reviews of other customers and asking all your questions to the relevant specialist.

      Can I do the detailing myself?

      Detailing is a complex and time-consuming process that requires special knowledge and experience. If you have the necessary knowledge and equipment, then you can try to do the detailing yourself. However, if you are unsure, it is best to contact professional detailing providers to avoid unforeseen consequences and additional costs.

      What tuning can be done to improve the appearance of the car?

      To improve the appearance of the car, there are many tuning modifications. You can install new wheels and tires that give the car a more elegant and sporty look. You can also install body kits, spoilers, aerodynamic pads that give the car a more aggressive and stylish look. It is also possible to wrap the car with a film, paint the body in non-standard colors or apply stickers and graphics to the body.



      I am very satisfied with the services of the tuning studio for women. My car looks incredibly stylish now! The improvement of the car made it unique and attractive. I booked a tuning studio in Thailand and they did the modification professionally. The cost of detailing and customizing the car was reasonable. I recommend everyone to order a tuning service in a car studio in Phuket. The results of the improvement and customization of my car exceeded my expectations. Now my car stands out from the others and attracts the eye!


      I booked a tuning studio in Phuket to improve my car. They offered a wide range of car customization and modification services. The cost of tuning was quite affordable, and the quality of work exceeded all my expectations. The tuning studio fulfilled all my wishes, improving every detail of my car. Now my car looks stylish and unique. I am very pleased with the result and can confidently recommend this car studio to anyone who wants to order a professional tuning of their car.

      Ivan Ivanov

      I ordered a tuning service for my car from a car detailing studio in Phuket. The tuning studio offered me a wide range of improvements and customizations for my car. I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of the service, which was very reasonable. I decided to order detailing tuning and did not regret it, because the results exceeded all my expectations. My car looks incredible after the modification and it has become a true work of art. I am very satisfied with the work of the car studio and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their car in Thailand. Tuning, improvement, customization of cars - this is what you need!

      Sofia Popova

      I am very glad that I decided to order the services of a tuning studio for my car. I have always liked car tuning and customization, so I was happy when I found such a professional studio. My car needed some improvement, and I knew that this studio could do a quality modification. It's incredible that they offer so many different tuning and detailing services, it's really impressive. They have everything for car customization that you could wish for. I ordered an upgraded fit for my car and was very pleased with the result. My car looks amazing like new after visiting this studio. One of the main advantages of this studio is their professionalism and experience in tuning. They know their business and do it at the highest level. The price for their car services also turned out to be very reasonable. I would recommend anyone who wants to order car tuning services to contact this studio. They are definitely trustworthy and I am sure that you will be satisfied with their work, as I am. A tuning studio is exactly the place where you can improve your car and make it truly unique.


      I ordered a tuning service for my car in a car studio in Phuket and was very pleased with the result. The price for the tuning modification was acceptable, and the quality of work was at a high level. Now my car looks much better and has improved performance. I also ordered a detailing service, and my car began to shine with a new automotive shine. The studio is professional in customizing and improving cars, and I will recommend them to all my friends. Very pleased with the cost and quality of work.


      I am very satisfied with the services of the tuning studio in Thailand. My car looks just amazing after customization and improvements. I ordered an improvement of the appearance and tuning of my car, and the result exceeded all my expectations. The studio provided me with a wide range of tuning parts and modifications, and I could choose the one that perfectly matched my preferences. The cost of the tuning service was quite reasonable, especially given the quality of work and the use of only high quality materials. I recommend this car studio to anyone who wants to give their car a stylish and unique look.

      Alexei Smirnov

      Car tuning is a great service that allows you to improve the car, give it individuality and style. The car studio offers a variety of tuning services, including modifications, detailing and customization. The cost of such improvements depends on the options chosen, but in any case, the result is worth every penny spent. I ordered the improvement of my car in the detailing studio and was very pleased with the result. The car looks fresh and stylish, as if just from the salon. If you want to customize your car to your preferences, I recommend contacting a car tuning studio. They do quality work and the price for the services is quite affordable. Car customization is a great way to stand out from the crowd and add personality to your car. That's why I could not remain indifferent to the proposal of the tuning studio. I'm happy with my car and I'm happy to recommend to everyone to order the improvement of their car in the tuning studio.


      I am very satisfied with the service of the tuning studio. They made improvements to my car at the highest level. The price was quite reasonable, especially considering the detailing work they did. I ordered a tuning car and they did everything to make my car look great. Customization Studio turned out to be the best choice for me. I had questions about improving my car, and the car studio staff all responded and helped me. The cost of tuning and modifying my car was quite reasonable. I can wholeheartedly recommend this tuning studio to anyone in Thailand, especially Phuket. Car modification and customization are the perfect ways to improve your car. Detailing works flawlessly. My car looks better than ever thanks to this tuning studio.

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