Hire and rental of bikes, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles in Phuket in Thailand

Rent bikes, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles in Phuket

Here you will find even the rarest and most elite bike models in Phuket

  • Unlimited mileage around Phuket
  • No credit card needed
  • Pickup from Phuket hotel or airport

All bikes, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are insured | Prompt roadside assistance

Rent bikes, mopeds and motorcycles in Phuket

If you come to Phuket and want to get around the city, then you may need a bike rental service in Phuket. To do this, you can contact our company. You can rent a scooter in Phuket in a variety of situations: you have arrived in the city for the first time and you need a bike for full mobility, you want to purchase a vehicle, but before that you want to test a specific model.

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    Benefits of renting motorcycles in Phuket at ART Detailing Phuket

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    Wide range of services

    Rent a bike, scooter or motorcycle in Phuket - the best conditions with ART Detailing Phuket

    Phuket is an ideal place to rent bikes and scooters. Driving around the island on your own allows you to save time, enjoy the freedom of movement and discover new corners of the beautiful island.

    Transportation and order: We make it easy to rent a bike in Phuket. You can book and reserve motorbikes and scooters in advance to guarantee the availability of the selected equipment and the best location for you.

    Prices and conditions: We offer competitive rates for moped and motorbike rentals in Phuket. The rental price depends on the duration of the rental and the chosen transport model. The price includes fuel, as well as insurance against damage and theft. We also offer a bike and scooter delivery service to your hotel or airport. We guarantee the safety and reliability of our service.

    Scooters and motorcycles: We have a diverse fleet of vehicles available - from economical scooters to powerful motorcycles. You can choose the one that suits you and your needs. All our bikes are in good technical condition and are regularly checked.

    Tips for a safe holiday: We recommend that you wear a safety helmet, follow the rules of the road and be careful on the road. Also don't forget to leave a tip when parking your bike or scooter.

    Ride your Phuket trip in style! Book your bike with us now and enjoy the freedom and comfort during your holiday. We guarantee you excellent service, reliable transport and positive emotions from your trip to Phuket!

    Motorbike rental in Phuket

    Bike rental in Phuket is a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy the beautiful views of the island, explore its sights and experience true freedom of movement. We offer a wide range of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds to suit every taste and budget.

    Lease terms

    We offer a flexible rental system, where you can choose the duration of the rental - from several hours to several weeks. The rental price depends on the transport you choose and the duration of the rental.

    Safety and convenience

    Our motorcycles and scooters are regularly checked for technical condition, which guarantees your safety while traveling. We also provide mandatory equipment such as helmets and advice on how to drive safely on Thai roads.

    Benefits of renting with us

    • Convenient location. Our rental office is located in the center of Phuket, making it easily accessible to tourists.
    • Delivery and parking. We offer a motorcycle and scooter delivery service directly to your hotel or other accommodation. We also have the opportunity to provide parking for your transport.
    • Flexible terms. You can book your motorcycle or scooter in advance to ensure it is available at the right time, as well as order additional equipment or fuel.

    Motorcycle rental tips

    1. Before renting, be sure to check the technical condition of the vehicle, especially the brake system and the operation of the light alarm.
    2. Obey the rules of the road, never exceed the speed limit and wear a helmet at all times.
    3. Familiarize yourself with the local rules and traffic patterns on the roads of Phuket.
    4. Always lock and lock the motorcycle when stopping or parking to prevent theft.

    Renting motorbikes in Phuket is a convenient and economical way to get around during your holiday on this beautiful island. With us you will get high-quality service, reliable transport and many opportunities for interesting trips around Phuket and its environs.

    Bike rental in Phuket

    Renting motorbikes in Phuket is a great way to be mobile and enjoy your holiday. Here you can order the rental of motorcycles, mopeds or scooters at an affordable price. We provide rental services for various periods so that each tourist can choose the appropriate rental duration.

    The availability of parking is important when choosing to rent bikes in Phuket. With us you will find convenient parking spaces where you can safely leave your transport when visiting the sights of the island. The location of our bike rental is convenient for tourists, and we also offer a bike delivery service to your hotel or accommodation.

    Renting bikes in Phuket includes all the necessary equipment: helmets, protective shields and other safety items. We also provide fuel for your vehicles so you don't have to worry about refueling. All rental conditions are described in detail on our website, where you can book the model you need.

    Phuket is a great place to travel by bike. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, drive along the picturesque beaches and see the sights of the island in freedom. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of the road in Phuket so that your trip is safe and comfortable.

    Regardless of your budget and season, you can always rent a bike from our rental in Phuket. We offer competitive prices and a high level of service so that every tourist gets the most out of their vacation. Book your bike rental with us and enjoy the freedom of movement during your Phuket trip.

    Question answer:

    What bikes do you offer for rent in Phuket?

    We offer a wide range of bikes of various brands and models. We have motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. You can choose the one that suits you best.

    What documents are needed to rent a bike in Phuket?

    To rent a bike, you will need a category A driving license if you plan to rent a motorcycle or scooter. No documents are required to rent a bike.

    What are the conditions for renting a bike in Phuket?

    The conditions for renting a bike in Phuket are as follows: the rental amount includes insurance, the bike is issued with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank, in the event of a bike breakdown, you must contact us and wait for help.

    What is the cost of renting a motorbike in Phuket?

    The cost of renting a bike in Phuket depends on its type and rental period. We offer a flexible pricing policy and various rental options so that everyone can choose the best solution for themselves.



    I highly recommend renting bikes in Phuket. I have ordered from them several times and have always been very satisfied. The cost of renting bikes here is very affordable, and the equipment is always in excellent condition. Transportation of the bike to the place of rest goes without problems, their delivery is always timely. It is very convenient that fuel is already included in the price. You can choose the duration of the lease yourself, which is very convenient. I also liked that the bike parking location is always convenient and safe. In general, I am very satisfied with the services of this company and I advise everyone to book a bike with them for a great trip.


    I was delighted with renting bikes in Phuket! The length of the rental was convenient and flexible - I could book a bike for a few days or for the whole season. The rental price was pleasant and affordable for my budget. The rental equipment was in excellent condition and fully met my expectations. I enjoyed the opportunity to ride around Phuket on my rented bike and explore its beautiful places. It was convenient to order and rent a bike through the delivery service provided by the rental. They also provide a bike transport service if you want to move to another island in Thailand. I appreciated the safety of the service - they provided me with a helmet and gave me safety tips. In addition, moped parking was convenient and safe. If you are planning a holiday in Phuket and are looking for a great way to get around, I highly recommend you rent a motorbike. The rental price justifies the quality of the service and it is a great way to explore all that Phuket and Thailand have to offer during your trip.

    Ivan Ivanov

    I booked motorbike rental services in Phuket and was very pleased! Renting and riding a bike is an excellent transportation around the island. The bike rental service in Thailand is very popular for traveling. The rental price is quite acceptable and affordable for any budget. Scooters in Phuket are a great choice for recreation and tourism. Rental conditions include equipment and security. There is parking for mopeds and delivery to any location. I advise you to book in advance, especially during the season. The duration of the lease can be chosen at your discretion. Renting bikes in Phuket is an excellent service for comfortable and convenient movement around the island!


    I am very satisfied with the bike rental service in Phuket. I ordered a scooter for the entire period of my holiday in Thailand. The rental price was very reasonable and the rental conditions were convenient. The delivery of the bike was carried out quickly and without problems. The equipment was in excellent condition and I felt safe on the roads of Phuket. The parking location was convenient and I could always leave my scooter in a safe place. Transportation and motorbike rental really made my trip easier and I was able to move freely around the island. The duration of the rental and the cost fully met my budget. I am very satisfied with the bike rental services in Phuket and I recommend everyone to contact this company when visiting Thailand.

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