Wrapping BMW RR S1000 in Phuket | ART Detailing Phuket

BMW RR S1000 sticker

Full wrapping BMW RR S1000 in glossy Llumar polyurethane

Cars, cars, just cars..
The Light is on them, and our activity even more so, is not tied!
Take a look at the biggest, fastest and most comfortable sportbike from BMW!

BMW RR S1000 sticker

The novelty amazed everyone, including us.
This is the BMW RR S1000, it can take you from 100 to 3.1 km/h in 300 seconds, and if desired, it can reach almost XNUMX km/h!
Imagine how the midges will break fiercely on its aerodynamic body kit ...
Don't worry, we'll protect you.
However, that is exactly what we are doing.
The motorcycle was partially dismantled and glued with glossy Llumar polyurethane.


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