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  • protection against fading in the sun
  • reliable protection against chips and scratches
  • moisture and corrosion protection

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Wrapping a car with film

Careless parking, birds, branches falling from trees, small stones, chemicals, etc. can all damage the paintwork of your car. You can protect the body by pasting the car with a protective, polyurethane, anti-gravel or vinyl transparent film. The protective film is a special durable material that adheres tightly to the surface of your car body, perfectly following all contours.

car wrap cost

Element Cost, ฿
Class-1 Class-2
Hood 9000 9500
Technological cutouts are allowed at the corners, 3-5 “points” of dust are allowed, halos at the corners.
Bumper front, rear 9000 11000
In the place of contact between the elements of the bumper and the wing, the tuck is not done
Front fenders 8000 9500
Removal/installation of attachments +10%
Rear wing 12500 15000
The price is per piece. Adhesive from one piece of film
Headlamps 3000 3500
Pair. Pasting without a turn-up with a minimum indent.
Fog lights 500 1000
Pattern sticker. Let's say an indent of 5-7mm.
Mirrors 3000 3500
Pair. On mirrors of complex shape, pasting in two parts is acceptable.
part of the roof 3000 3500
At the windshield, the film is wrapped under an elastic band.
Roof completely 9000 10500
The price is specified taking into account reinforcing works.
Spoiler 2500 3500
Windshield pillars 2pcs. 2000 3000
Pasting in a level with a strip on the roof, the film is wrapped under the molding, if any.
Thresholds external 7000 8500
Inversion into the wheel arches from below. On the inside, turn up to the first bend or step.
Thresholds internal 4000 6000
The price depends on the height of the rear thresholds. (can be done by seat, or by lock)
Rear bumper loading area 2000 2500
The width of the plastic lining in the trunk. Height 10-12cm.
Zones under the handles 4pcs. 1500 2000
Glossy racks 4/6pcs. 3000 3500
Pasting the front part "Standard" 35000 50000
Hood, bumper, fenders, headlights, mirrors, part of the roof, windshield pillar.
Full body wrap (with a strip on the roof) ** 70000 125000
Full body wrap MATTE (with roof) 110000 135000
Door 6000 6500
Trunk lid 7000 8000
arch expander 3000 4000
The price is per piece. To be glued from one piece of film.
Rear optics 3500 4500
Darkened polyurethane 3500 4500
Darkened polyurethane film (light gray shade)

* 1st class - sedans.

* 2nd class - jeeps, business class sedans.

** Full gluing does not include a roof + spoiler (if the client wishes +15% of the cost), window moldings, roof moldings.

** Before pasting the car with an anti-gravel protective film, polishing is required to remove the factory preservative, scratches on the body.

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    Advantages of wrapping a car with a film in the detailing center ART Detailing Phuket

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    Car wrapping with polyurethane protective films

    Film wrapping for carsHere are the main reasons why your car needs polyurethane film protection:
    • the paintwork applied at the factory will not deteriorate;
    • wrapping a car with a film ensures the preservation of the original appearance of the car for a long time. Thanks to this, you will be able to sell your car at a high price, if necessary;
    • car wrapping is not only protective, but also decorative. If necessary, you can apply a special film with a pattern or pattern.
    Our company has been providing detailing services in Phuket for several years, including pasting a car with a protective film. We employ professional specialists with extensive experience. In our work we use only professional equipment and high-quality materials from leading manufacturers. If you need pasting with a protective film, please contact our company.

    Autovinyl is not just a stylish design for your car, but also its protection. Wrapping a car with polyurethane film provides general protection against scratches, chips, solar ultraviolet and weather conditions, and also increases the wear resistance of the paint.

    Protect your car from the troubles on the road and decorate it with new bright colors with our professional car wrapping service!

    We guarantee high quality and exact correspondence of polyurethane film to cars of different brands and models. We only work with quality materials to keep your car beautiful for years to come.

    Protect your car and make it stand out with our car wrapping service. We take care of your car with our professional polyurethane wrapping.

    Protect your car from damage

    Automotive is a great choice.

    The car is everything. We carefully monitor it and try to keep it in excellent condition. But how to protect the body from chips and scratches in the bustle of the city, bad roads and other adverse factors? Polyurethane film is what you are looking for.

    Auto vinyl is the best solution for wrapping a car. This is a high-quality film created specifically to protect the body from mechanical damage. It is transparent and durable, does not change the color of the body and perfectly retains its shine.

    Available options

    We offer full wrapping of the car or wrapping of its individual elements. You can choose from different film options: pebble, gloss, matte. We also have the possibility of applying glass cleaner and other protective coatings for the body.

    Excellent value for money

    Our services are available to everyone, and the quality and professionalism of our specialists are completely undeniable. You can be sure that each stage of work will be carried out at the highest level.

    • Protective effect for many years
    • Quality assurance
    • No film deformation

    Don't delay, protect your car now!

    How to order a car wrapping service in Thailand

    Protecting your car in Phuket

    Today, a car is not only a means of transportation, but also a source of pride for many owners. The limited capabilities of standard manufacturing protective films may not always protect your vehicle from unwanted damage that leaves scuffs and scratches on the body surface. We offer the installation of a special polyurethane protective film that effectively protects the surface of the car from minor damage.

    Auto vinyl installation

    Car wrapping with auto vinyl is an easy and affordable way to change the look of your car. Thanks to the use of high-quality material, our wrapping provides long-lasting protection against external influences, UV rays and temperature changes. We offer a wide range of colors and textures to suit a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

    How to order a service?

    • Contact us by phone or leave a request on the site;
    • Describe the details of the order: type of car, model, year of manufacture, desired color, etc.;
    • Choose a convenient time and date for installation;
    • Wait for a call from our specialist to clarify all the details;
    • Come to our service station or we can come to your place for installation.

    Why you should choose us?

    We work only with high-quality materials and guarantee the durability of our services. We have a wide selection of colors and shades, experts will help you choose the best option for pasting for your car. We offer affordable prices for car wrapping services. No need to wait long - contact us right now and make your dreams of a new car design come true!

    The choice of material and design for wrapping a car

    Polyurethane film for maximum protection for your car

    We offer car wrapping with polyurethane film, which will provide reliable protection of the body from scratches, chips and other damage. The film will not only preserve the original appearance of the car, but also extend its life.

    Choose from different weights and colors to create a unique look for your vehicle. We use only high-quality film that does not fade and leaves no adhesive residue after removal.

    Auto vinyl for a bright and sophisticated look

    If you want to give your car a bright and stylish look, then we recommend using auto vinyl. This material comes in a wide range of colors and textures, allowing you to create a unique design for your vehicle.

    Choose from matte or glossy finishes, hues and textures to create a design that reflects your individual style. Autovinyl is easy to install and remove without damaging the car body.

    Order a car wrapping service in Phuket with us

    Make your car protected and stylish with our car wrapping service. Our experts will help you choose the right material and create a unique car design.

    • Reliable protection of the body from damage
    • Wide choice of materials and colors
    • Creating a custom design for your vehicle
    • Extends vehicle life

    Order a car wrapping service from us and put your car in order!

    Question answer:

    How long will a car wrap last?

    The lifespan of a car wrap depends on the quality of the material. Typically, its life cycle is 2 to 5 years. If the application was carried out by a professional and the car has not been exposed to the sun or frost for long periods, then the wrap will last a long time.

    Is it possible to wrap only part of the car?

    Yes it is possible. Pasting can be performed not only on the body, but also on its individual elements. It can be a hood, trunk, mirrors, side panels and other details.

    What type of material texture can be chosen for car wrapping?

    Depending on the goals and requirements of the customer, you can choose different textures for painting the car body. It can be glossy, matte or camouflage pasting. There is also a pasting that imitates matte polished titanium or bamboo weaving.

    Who will install the wrap on my car?

    Installation of car stickers is usually carried out by professionals with experience in this work. Some companies do their own installation, while others use the services of third-party specialists.

    Is there a way to remove stickers from a car?

    Yes, there are special solvents for removing pasting from a car body. However, their use must be carefully controlled, as improper use can damage the surface of the body. It is best to entrust the removal to professionals who have the necessary tools and experience.

    Is it possible to apply stickers to a rental car?

    Wrapping a rental car is possible only with the permission of the owner of the car. In order to paint or paste over the car, you need to contact the organization that owns the car fleet for rent. If the owner agrees, you can additionally conclude an agreement with the rental company for a certain amount so that the coverage covers the entire rental period.


    Ilya Kuznetsov

    Bought a sticker for a car and was satisfied! The film from polyurethane autovinyl provides excellent protection of the car from external damages. In addition, it just fits perfectly to the car, so it does not look ugly. I glued it myself, adhering to the instructions described in the kit, and it did not take me much time. All in all, if you care about protecting your car, I would definitely recommend this protective wrap!


    I am very pleased with the purchase of auto vinyl for wrapping my car. The film from which it is made protects the car body from minor scratches and scuffs. In addition, pasting with a protective film does not spoil the appearance of the car, but on the contrary, makes it more stylish and attractive. I personally chose the color of the film to match the body color of my car and I couldn't be happier. All in all, if you're worried about protecting your car and want it to look great, I highly recommend trying a car wrap.


    I bought a polyurethane film for protection against scratches and chips for my car. Very pleased with the result! The wrap did not damage the paint of my car and protects it well. This is real protection for the car. I advise all car owners to use such a protective pasting.

    Alexandra Tretyakova

    I am very happy with the car wrap! I opted for a polyurethane protective film as my car is very easy to scratch in a parking lot. Pasting was carried out quickly and efficiently, the masters worked quickly and accurately. A light gloss of auto vinyl added a stylish look to my car, and most importantly, now forget about scratches! I am extremely happy that I found such a great service and I hope that my car will look just as beautiful for a long time thanks to this wrap!


    I had the experience of buying and installing wrapping on my car. I chose a polyurethane wrap because it is the most durable and will protect my car from scratches and chips. Pasting was established well, the texture of autovinyl looks very aesthetically pleasing and stylish. I additionally covered the pasting with a protective film to further increase its service life. Now I am sure that my car looks like new and is protected for many years. I recommend to everyone to use wrapping for their cars.


    I am very happy with this sticker for my car! The vinyl it's made of protects my car from scratches and other damage that can happen while driving. I appreciate that this protective polyurethane wrap really keeps the body of the car spotless. Installation was easy and now I know that my car got extra protection with this wrap. I recommend!

    Photo from the process of wrapping cars with film

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