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Repair of windshields from chips and cracks qualitatively

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Windshield repair for chips and cracks

The windshield of a car can get small chips and cracks for various reasons: most often it is the ingress of small pebbles and branches, a faulty suspension, and sudden temperature changes. You can repair the damage, for this you can contact our company. We offer windshield restoration services in Phuket.

Windshield restoration cost

✔ Windshield repair from chip or crack.

Cost - from 3000 ฿

✔ Windshield replacement (the cost of glass is paid separately)​

Cost - from 3000 ฿

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    Repair of windshields from chips and cracks at an affordable price in Phuket

    Windshield repairIf you notice even a small chip, then you need to immediately repair the windshield. Otherwise, minor damage can develop into a large crack, which will require the entire part to be replaced. The defect increases in size when the stove is turned on in frosty weather, driving on uneven surfaces, etc. Restoring a car windshield will allow you to avoid such problems. Why contact us Our company offers professional windshield repair in Phuket. We employ only experienced specialists with extensive experience in the field of car detailing. In our work we use only high-quality materials from leading manufacturers and professional equipment. We provide a guarantee for all types of work performed. And the prices for the restoration of the windshield from cracks are quite affordable.

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