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Restoration of car interior and leather seats

During the operation of the car, interior elements can deteriorate - dents, scuffs and chips appear on their surfaces. This problem also applies to leather seats. All this spoils the look of the salon. You can get rid of the problem, for which we recommend contacting us - we offer restoration of the car interior and leather seats in Phuket.

The cost of restoring interior elements

Interior element Cost, ฿
Restoration and painting of the skin
The front of the seat 12000-16000
Whole seat (face, backrest, headrest) 15000-20000
One element 5000-6500
Steering wheel (no warranty) 4500-6500
Gear knob 4000
airbag 4500-5000
Armrest door / central 5000-6500
Torpedo 5500-15000
Glove box 5000-6500
Rear sofa 1 element 5000-6500
Whole back sofa 25000-30000
Door trim (without armrest) 5000-7000
Center console 1 side 5000-6500
Changing the color of a piece of leather 1 sq.m. 8000-12000
(custom sizes are priced individually)
Vinyl restoration and painting
Torpedo 5500-15000
Center console (one side) 5000-6500
Glove box 5000-6500
Door trim (top) 5000-5500
Door trim (bottom) 5000-7000
airbag 4500-5000
Restoration and painting of internal plastic (only removed)
Side stand 1 pc 5000-7000
Door sill inner 5000-7000
trunk inside
Plastic on the lid 8500-15000
Whole (similar to Toyota Land Cruiser) 20000-30000
One element 4500-8000
Torpedo (whole only) 12000-15000
Center console 7500-10000
Glove box 5500-6500
Plastic under the seat (1 element) 5000-6500
Changing the color of the plastic ceiling / dashboard / the entire interior (handles, air ducts, etc.) is evaluated individually

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    Benefits of restoring leather seats at ART Detailing Phuket

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    Car interior restoration from professionals in Phuket

    Restoration of the car interiorIn the interior of the car, leather seats are usually the most affected. Here are the most common problems: • abrasion - usually occurs at the corners of the seats; • contamination and white coating (efflorescence) - most often appear in those places where the surface of the material is in contact with wet clothing; • mechanical damage - usually occur due to negligence of passengers and the driver. It is possible to eliminate all these problems - for this we carry out the restoration of leather car seats in Phuket. Our company employs only experienced craftsmen with extensive experience in detailing. For the restoration of leather car seats, we use only high-quality detergents and tools. We provide a legally issued guarantee for all types of work performed. The price for the restoration of leather seats is quite affordable.

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