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  • 5 times quieter in the cabin
  • clear acoustic sound
  • softer suspension performance

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Car soundproofing

Noise isolation of the car body is a special procedure that is aimed at soundproofing the cabin and creating a comfortable atmosphere for the driver and passengers. It is carried out using a wide range of different materials. We carry out noise insulation of cars using quality materials such as STP Premium and Comfort Matte Premium, which have excellent performance properties. The company employs only professional specialists with extensive experience in the field of detailing. We provide a guarantee for all types of work performed, and the prices for car soundproofing in Phuket are quite affordable.

The cost of soundproofing car body elements

Element Cost, ฿
Class-1 Class-2
soundproofing car trunk lid 7500 12500
Soundproofing car ceiling 5000 12500
Soundproofing Arches (price for 4 arches)​ 10000 10000
Noise insulation of doors (price for 4 doors)​ 10000 12500
Complete soundproofing of the car body 35000 50000
Radiator protection (installation of the mesh in the bumper)​ 3000 10000

* 1st class - sedans.

* 2nd class - jeeps, business class sedans.

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    Benefits of car body soundproofing at ART Detailing Phuket

    Quality materials

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    Soundproofing car body in Phuket at a great price

    Car soundproofingHere is the result that allows you to get the soundproofing of the car body: the suspension improves - it will become easier to drive the car on any road surface, driving comfort increases; the work of the built-in acoustics in the car interior is improved - this advantage is very important for those who are fond of creating high-quality car audio; good thermal insulation is provided - the use of special materials allows you to save heat in the cabin, resulting in a decrease in the load on the stove. Our company - ART-DETAILING - conducts car soundproofing in Phuket at prices lower than others. The quality of work is at a high level.

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